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Legend of Linefork: Tribute to Lee Sexton

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

July 3rd through August 13th, 2021

On February 10th, 2021 we lost a legendary banjo player Lee Sexton at age 92. Lee has been the anchor of eastern Kentucky’s old time and bluegrass banjo player, influencing countless musicians from across the United States and the world. His passing during this pandemic has left many of Lee’s followers hollow without a place of closure. This exhibition caters to those with a place to honor him with a tribute of music and memoire from the community.

Kentucky Arts Council support for the contributing artists in video recordings as tribute to Lee Sexton will be featured as looping video projection in the gallery.

Contributing artists are: Carla Gover, Jack Adams, John Haywood, Kevin Howard, Nora Brown, Randy Wilson, Rick Kirby.

Lee, who resided in the holler of Linefork, Kentucky, remained living humbly, with his dear wife Opal, despite his notoriety which brought him all over the world. The exhibition targets the local community who may not be aware of his caliber and influence which touched the musicians globally.

We hope this show will bring Lee’s legacy in the light within his own community and give closure for musicians by paying tribute to this old-time legend during this pandemic. This exhibition is dedicated to Opal Sexton.

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