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“Odyssey of a Lifetime” Exhibit

From Boston to Bodie Island and McHargue’s Mill to Malibu, photographer Stephanie McVay brings us along with her on a photo journey across America as seen through her Nikon lens.

This exhibition is on display in the Cody Studios Gallery from May 1-June 27, 2015. Read an excerpt from her travel memoirs below.

Closing Reception Saturday, June 27, 2015 – 1:00pm Appalachian Artisan Center’s Cody Studios 28 W Main Street – Hindman, KY 41822

Brief Excerpts from Stephanie’s Memoirs

The following June of 2009, a 17 year career with the Columbia Gas System ended as a Measurement and Regulation Mechanic when Chesapeake Energy acquired Columbia Natural Resources. Devastated, I thought there has to be a reason, but I just don’t see it yet. “Walk through the forest to the other side.” It took months for me to see the dream I had forgotten, the dream of riding coast-to-coast. The more I rode, the more I could see the bigger picture and never in my young years would I ever have enough vacation time for this adventure. An adventure to explore America, to travel into the dust of those seeking before me.

Reaching for the map, thumbing through the states and finally returning to the entire map of the United States. Kentucky, just ride westward and enjoy the ride, to Montana and back in five weeks. What to see and experience! To travel the forgotten paths of the Trail of Tears. Fascinated with the transformation of America and the rugged ways of the West, I readied my pen to navigate my adventure.

In the mean time, fall is here. Leaves have fallen and few remain on the tips of tree limbs. Restless to ride into the last two states of the lower 48 states, I feel that this ride is something that I have to do before the change of the year, my American flag resting on top of my bungie tied dry-bag as a reminder of my journey and the freedom to meander across America solo. I am loved, I am blessed; what else is there to fuel a journey but passion?

Nobody defines your life but you. You live your passion. The sands of time tend to twist the fibers of our being into some thing unrecognizable even to ourselves. Passion defines you, fuels the creative birth rights unique only to you and I wanted to share for the first time to the public the beauty and verity of places that I have been blessed to interact on my, Stephanie McVay’s, Odyssey of a Lifetime.

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